The true likeness of Catt Small. Photo credit: Unknown

Product design

Catt Small

Catt Small at Pixel Up! 2020

Catt's session on Product design will be added to the schedule soon.

About Catt Small

Catt is a product designer, game maker, and front-end web developer. She makes awesome things at Asana.

She has done design work for companies of all sizes including Etsy, SoundCloud, Bedrocket, and Nasdaq. She started coding around the age of 10 and designing at the age of 15. In 2011, she graduated from SVA with a BFA in Graphic Design and later received an MS in Integrated Digital Media from NYU in 2016.

She joined Rosenfeld Media’s editorial board in 2018. Catt also makes video games with Brooklyn Gamery, writes about professional development, and draws comics about interpersonal experiences of all kinds. You can follow her @cattsmall on Twitter and view her work at

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